Monday, 27 July 2009

Bees, Butterflies & Thistles

Out walking we came upon a huge patch of thistles full of butterflies and bees

,including this rather tatty one,

all enjoying the sunshine

and the nectar.
It occurs to me that quite a few of my posts have included bees.
And we all know that bees need help.

Then I see an article featuring Britains only professor of apiculture in the weekend paper, (Telegraph Magazine).

And Professor Ratnieks tells us, "In the long run, the problem is a lack of flowers."
Something we can all remedy don't you think?

Mr Fothergill's the seed merchants have recently published their own Bees Top Ten which includes:
Foxglove - Foxy Mixed
Clary - Blue Denim
Agastache - Golden Jubilee
Salvia farinacea
Cornflower - Blue Ball
Dahlia - Miinon Mixed
Marigold - Sunburst Mixed
Sunflower - Hallo
Fothergill's own Wildflower Mixed seeds

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  1. Interesting entry and good photos!
    I've just come back from the allotments where it was alive with bees and, mostly white, butterflies. xx

  2. The bees love my marigolds!
    I saw a beautiful pale blue tinted butterfly the other day - it was gorgeous - there are definitely more bees and butterflies around this year - after a very quiet start, I think.

  3. I've grown borage on the allotment this year, and it's been like a bee magnet. At home I have created a small wildlife border with a (very) small pond.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your blog is lovely, and I will return.

  4. Really good photos. Sorry I haven't had a chance to visit recently - trial and tribs on the homestead!

  5. That's the most ragged looking Painted Lady that I have ever seen! I have lots of bees already in my garden, but must confess to not having quite a few of the plants on Mr Fothergill's list. Great photos. x

  6. Just what I needed to start my weekend…beautiful pictures!

    Yes you were right it is a Vintage Magpie bunny!

    Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

  7. the bees love my Jasmine , although nearly all of the flowers have gone now :-(

  8. A lovely informative post with super photos, you did see a lot of butterflies! I think apart from lack of flowers the lack of really decent Summers hasn't helped their plight either. I have also enjoyed catching up with your last few posts.


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