Saturday, 25 July 2009

Smell the Privet

Have you ever smelled the Privet?

If you are used to surburban privet hedges you might not even have seen the privet flower.

But walk the lanes on a sunny day and that
oh so destintive smell of blossom is probably at this time of year Privet.

A sort of cross between fresh mown grass and that smell of rain with a hint of honey.

Just gorgeous.
And as you can see beloved by the bees.

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  1. Y'know, it's a shame so much privet gets shaped into hedges before they get a chance to bloom. Very nice shots of these tiny fragrant flowers :-)

  2. My parent's house had a privet hedge which, as a youngster, I regularly cut as one of my jobs to earn extra pocket money! xx

  3. The privet is much underrated and as your photos prove, is a really pretty shrub. Love the bumblebee!

  4. Fabulous photos..and such a lovely plant..have never smelt but your description sounds very nice :)

  5. Great bee shots. Shame isn't it that these hedges don't often get to flower, it is such a pretty one.


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