Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bees & Birds

Bees first - are there more around this year?
Or is it wishful thinking on my behalf?

They are certainly enjoying the hollyhocks.

Now birds, well chickens to be exact - we have chicks!
Photographs here
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  1. Hopefully there are more bees around this year. We have a cottoneaster tree in our garden that we call the humming tree because it is full of, I guess, honey bees. They just love it.

    I haven't seen many ladybirds though.


  2. I reckon that that's there's lots of bees around this year, but a plot neighbour does keep several hives! xx

  3. Plenty in my garden too - but then, they are doing better in cities, apparently.

  4. Ph the pics of chicks are tooo cute - will go back to that blog in a mo.


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