Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Recommended Reading - The Thrifty Gardener

The Thrifty Gardener - How to create a stylish garden for next to nothing
by Alys Fowler
I liked this book a lot though if I'm honest it hasn't much to offer the experienced gardener other than some recycling inspiration. But Alys Fowler has a nice way about her, you've probably seen her on Gardeners World, her passion for gardening shines through the pages and she does inspire.
I think this book would make a super present for a first time gardener.
My copy came from The Works for only £6.99 so it would make a fairy economical gift.
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  1. I've seen a copy of this and as you say just right for a first time gardener.
    I gave up watching Gardeners'World a couple of months ago! xx

  2. I'll pop in to The Works tomorrow during my lunch hour. I haven't yet come across any books by Alys. Thanks for the tip. x


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