Thursday, 17 September 2009

Slop Buckets, The Daily Mail, Kitchen Caddys, Whitehall and Wormeries

"A Slop Bucket in Every Home"was the headline that caught my eye at the newstands the other day.

Did you see it?
Looking through the article via the web I see The Daily Mail reports that
"In a trial at 94,000 homes in 19 council areas last year, a quarter of those taking part reported terrible smells and infestations of maggots, flies and rats. They said that in the summer the stench grows worse and the slop buckets attract even more vermin. "

The Telegraph asks us - Do you want a slop bucket in your kitchen?

Thinking about it, our household don't actually have any food waste to put in the bins what with chickens and ferrets and dogs and quail pretty much all of ours gets eaten by something. ( In fact I could probably use more for the compost heap).

But could this be the solution -

A wormery.
These pictures are taken from the Wiggly Wigglers site
and I must say it seems like a jolly good solution to the problem to me.
A little pricey for the average household perhaps, but, if government are considering forcing councils to issue us with yet another plastic bin maybe they should also be looking into wormeries.

What do you think?


  1. I've no doubt that many of them weren't used properly hence the complaints.
    Some people would have the same problems with wormeries.
    Many people waste far too much food and perhaps efforts should be directed towards that first. xx

  2. I have a kitchen caddy for my veg peelings, which then gets emptied into the compost.

  3. I think wormeries are a very good idea and definitely worth thinking about.

    What a busy time you are having with the apples, the Worcester Pearmains are such a lovely colour!

    The wine bottle vases on the previous post do look elegant, now there's an idea we always have empty wine bottles around...!

  4. Sorry, I forgot to say I love your Jackdaw called Sparrow, good for you on looking after him!

  5. we have composted ( successfully ) for a few years but this year everything went just awful, we had stench , flies and slop --- just thinking about it makes me wretch. What we put it down to was that we were doing a lot of juicing and putting all the bits in the compost bin and we think there may have been too much fruit -- not sure though but we had to get rid of absolutely everything!!

  6. I agree with Flighty - too much food is wasted these days. We try not to throw any food away as left-overs can always be rustled up. Veg peelings etc at home go into the compost bin and garden refuge at the allotment goes onto the compost heap which we have managed successfully so far. I also agree that perhaps wormeries could be trialed by some councils and see how people get on with them. They seem like a very good idea to me.

    Jeanne x


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