Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bramley Apple Bicentenary

Those of you who have had a little look around our website Renaissance Shop and read the About us page will know that although we live in town we work in an orchard.
Not just any orchard but one that has ancient trees -
Bramley Apples that are almost 100 years old.
2009 is the bi-centenary of the Bramley Apple.

In 1809 a young girl named Mary Anne Brailsford planted some apple pips in her garden in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Eventually the garden passed to Matthew Bramley and the Bramley Seedling was cultivated by local nurseryman Henry Merriweather. All the Bramley apple pies, apple sauces and Bramley apple juices you've ever eaten or drank have been descended from that pip planted by young Mary Anne and the orginal tree still stands.

We'll be picking Bramley apples for the next few weeks and if you're interested you can join us on a "virtual" apple pick, we're posting photographs from the orchard on our website over the next few days, you'll find them in theWhat we are doing section


  1. What a fabulous place to work and what gorgeous old trees.

  2. What an amazing tree and I love the little bit of history about the Bramley Apple. You are blessed to work in such a wonderful environment.

    Jeanne x


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