Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Jackdaw named Sparrow

Whilst updating our What we are doing section of the website with
photographs of insects taken in the orchard it occured to me that I haven't shown you
Sparrow is a Jackdaw rescued from the orchard, he was found
on the log pile with a broken wing. Unfortunately nothing could be done
for the break, it had already healed but something could be done for the Jackdaw.
He was starving and there was no way that he could survive in the wild so he came home with us.
For more information on rescued corvids visit Corvid Aid
Don't forget you can join us on a "virtual" apple pick, we're posting photographs from the orchard on our website over the next few days, you'll find them in theWhat we are doing section


  1. What a lucky bird being rescued by you. Does he live in your house?

  2. What a wonderful looking bird. I only see one now and again and rarely get a good look! xx

  3. Looks like he is enjoying life,appreciating art and keeping an eye out for visitors!

  4. Love the painting behind the jackdaw! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your pictures of the orchards are beautiful x

  5. Oh I love Sparrow and he obviously appreciates good art when he sees it!

    Jeanne x


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