Thursday, 29 April 2010

Alys Fowler’s The Edible Garden

Way back in August of last year I did a little review of Alys Fowler's
I liked that book a lot even though to be honest it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.
But I liked Alys' style and I found that she made me want to garden. With that in mind I was keen to watch her BBC program The Edible Garden
Have you seen it?
Once again I found that I liked her style, who could resist someone who
gardens with a Jack Russell and talks to her hens?
I'm not learning anything I don't already know but I'm enjoying the show,
it has an element of whimsy and escapism that I find appealing.
What do you think?
Oh correction - I'd never heard of hapa-zome until I saw Alys making those
fabric lid covers for jam pots on last nights show.
Now I'm keen to have a go at that myself.
Told you she was inspiring didn't I?


  1. I have fallen in love with Alys, everything from her clothes, garden and her dog... you are absolutely right, it's the element of whimsy that's so enchanting.

  2. I've only seen the first programme in the series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I have the other's taped to watch when I get time. There is also a book out to accompany the series which I wouldn't mind taking a look at, I'll have to see if I can get it through the library.


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