Thursday, 18 June 2009

Renaissance Springwatch 2009 - Breakfast with Dad

You should be able to enlarge the photographs a little by clicking on them.
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  1. Such a lovely post again, I have been sat here for ages looking at the gorgeous pictures.

    I can see me coming back again!

    Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

  2. Wonderful! It must have been a joy to watch them. xx

  3. Well captured, I would love to have got those shots. It always amuses me that the baby birds are almost as big as the parent, so it looks funny when they are being fed.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog.
    Have a good week-end.

  4. gorgeous pics , well done on getting them

  5. Such terrific photos! Does the box contain windfalls? I always love to see a parent bird feeding its young. So lovely you have managed to catch these lovely images. x

  6. Wonderful series of photos Re, I do love to see the blackbirds at work at this time of year. I caught some video footage of Mum feeding a youngster recently - will post it soon.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog, I've been away from the PC recently. Just catching up now :-D

  7. Great set of pictures Re:

  8. Hi! Thanks for your visit and comments. Some beautiful photos here and the ones with the birds are delightful.


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