Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pictures from the herb garden

Just a quick post today with some pictures from our herb garden


I'll be back later in the week with our very own "Springwatch" photographs.
In the meantime the hedgerows are full of Elderflower so we'll be making Elderflower Champagne you can find our recipe here.
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  1. If ever I could start a small garden from scratch I would base it around herbs. Not only do they look good, smell good, they taste good too. One memory of mine as a child growing up, is country lanes lined with elderflower. I haven't ever made champagne with them. One to try I think. x

  2. Herbs are my favorite of all the plants...I like trees too.
    Elderberry champagne would be delightful!
    I am harvesting lavender too.

  3. I must grow more herbs on the plot, especially lavender! xx

  4. Thanks for visiting on GBDay! I love your horseradish flowers, very pretty, I didn't know they do that. I planted one in a pot this year, flowering wasn't part of the plan at all but I love it when plants surprise me:-)


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