Monday, 8 June 2009

From my Grandmothers' Garden

Although she has long gone my Grandmother will always be remembered not least for the orange blossom,
the iris,

and the peonies

that all grow in my garden.
Once they were in hers now they are in mine.
Flowers from my Grandmothers' garden.
Flowers from my childhood.

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  1. What a lovely post, I have got flowers in my garden that were my Nan’s, they mean so much more too me.

    Your Grandmother’s flowers are beautiful!

    Love Lou xxx

  2. Lovely! Peonies remind me of my mum who had several in her garden. xx

  3. How lovely to have flowers from your Grandmother's garden. The Iris reminds me of my Nan, it was her name. x

  4. Beautiful..
    I used to make perfume from my Grandmothers garden with the rose petals and water in a jar.. I bet she loved me..ha ha ha ha.

    Sarah x

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your blooms are's wonderful they came from flowers taken from your grandmothers garden! I wish I could have had my grandmothers lilac bush...and many others from my nana's (my other grandmother!) garden! I still think of them often while I garden. I'm getting a couple of things from my mother's garden when she moves to a new home...those things are always special!

  6. How utterly charming and a beautiful way to remember a special person.

  7. I loved reading this post. I have houseplants and garden plants that belonged to my Grandmother Mary too, and i treasure them.

  8. oh is that last one bowl of beauty? i have several i love them :)


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