Monday, 4 May 2009

Sprouting Broccoli and Chickens

Your chickens (or your neighbours' chickens) will relish
clearing up the sprouting broccoli once it has "gone over".

Just pull them a stalk or let them into the broccoli patch.

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  1. Your chickens are very good looking. I notice that there are no foot shots! AND I will keep quiet about the luxury accommodation.

  2. love your beautiful bloom on to know the chickens eat this stuff.

  3. I have no chickens but I know someone who does!
    Lovely photographs!

  4. I'm with the chickens! I love purple sprouting, although fresh and lightly steamed. Not gone over! x

  5. Sadly have no chickens but I have been enjoying the flowers on the bush and in the house as we missed most of the brocalli when it was brocalli before it became flower heads!


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