Thursday, 28 May 2009

Spring Watch 2009 - Presenters

Well we've nearly completed the first week of the BBC's Spring Watch
without the inimitable Bill Oddie
and I just wondered is anyone missing him?

I'm not being horrid but I far prefer his successor Chris Packham.
Probably something to do with all those years watching The Really Wild Show with the children.
What do you think?
Do you have a preference?

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  1. I'm enjoying watching it, and like you I prefer Chris to Bill.
    Not surprisingly the Springwatch messageboard is full of posts on the subject ranging from the totally absurd to the far too serious! xx

  2. Due to the fact we've been camping, watching a champions league final and going to stitch and bitch I haven't been able to watch one yet ,,, I'll take the fifth until next week :-)

  3. I Like them both
    As long as the programme continues to run, I shan't mind too much about the presenter.
    Nature is the star for me everytime

  4. I think this series of Springwatch has been terrific. I have always liked (quite fancied) Chris Packham! I think he is doing a good job, and him and Kate appear to work well together. I have always been a fan of Bill Oddie, on nature, and wasn't sure the programme would continue as well as it has. without him at the helm. I must say I used to enjoy his voiceovers to the nature clips, but didn't much like his frequent double entendres! x

  5. I think I like them both now I've seen Chris in action -- both different both cute in their own way---- I haven't drove into town yet and really don't intend to ..

  6. Haven't watched any of this BO put me off it. Couldn't stand his overbearing butting in and dumbing down of the nice Kate thing. Sure CP is MUCH better would be difficult to be worse but perhaps I should watch an episode just to make sure.

  7. Bill Oddie had started to irritate me and I much prefer Chris Packham.

  8. I havent seen them yet but have recorded them al on Sky+ .. I must admit that last year I was a little taken aback on some of the comments on the show and thought that they were a little much for younger viewers ( my kids were watching it). Just my thoughts
    My children have seen a couple of the new episodes and have enjoyed it.

    Sarah x


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