Monday, 20 April 2009

Little Green - Apples

I walked past the green grocers in town today and noticed that the apples he had for sale were from Chile. Chile, how may thousands of miles away is Chile?

I buy my apples from a local farm shop, currently available are Jonagold, Ida Red, Crispin, Cox's Orange Pippen, Gala and Bramleys. Not all of these apples are traditional English varities but they were all carefully chosen by the grower so that he had apples to sell for at least 9 months of the year and they are all grown in the orchard behind the shop. Zilch food miles. Plus I get the added advantage of seeing the trees in blossom.

Where were the apples in your fruit bowl grown?

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  1. not sure about my apples but my carrots were from China !!

  2. I usually eat an apple most days. I'm not really fussy about which variety providing they're crisp, juicy and, of course, British!
    At the moment I have some Braeburn and Cox's Orange Pippen. Flighty.

  3. Erm.... I need to go shopping. I do choose english apples though and try all varieties. It's beans that bug me, always from Kenya in the supermarket.

  4. Hi, we try and get all are fruit and veg from the farmers market so it is grown locally too us!
    But I do sometimes buy supermarket apples! :0(
    Love Lou xxx

  5. Just looked, Granny Smiths from USA today, but quite quite often from Chile.

  6. Not a huge apple eater (I prefer pears) I try to only buy British though and I love the older, tastier varieties. I love the Scottish Children's Orchard, and the related potential Commonwealth Orchard. Both projects to spread the growing of traditional varieties of apple.

  7. Great apples come from a local farm (Kent). They have been stored and are now in my ecofriend box scheme........


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