Wednesday, 29 April 2009

First Fledglings

Mr & Mrs Blackbird brought their first brood to dine yesterday. Sorry they aren't brilliant photographs but just wanted to share.
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  1. Our Mr & Mrs Blackbird are gorging themselves on apples at the moment, I'm sure they have a family to feed.

  2. How lovely I don't think ours are anywhere near that stage, I do hope there aren't too many cats where you are, it does worry me with ground feeding birds especially fledglings.

  3. Thank you for sharing,LOVELY!!!

    You comment on my blog did make me smile, thank you!

    Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

  4. I can hear blackbird fledgings in our hedge, but haven't seen them yet. Aren't they just the sweetest. I hope they stay clear of predators. x

  5. It's always good to see them! xx


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