Friday, 8 April 2011

Platic Pop Bottle Cloches - Inspirational Recycling

I suppose we all know that plastic 2 litre pop bottles can be used as mini cloches but rarely have I seen them looking so good as in this photograph. Maybe it's the sheer mass of bottles standing in a row, maybe it's the photographers eye for a good shot.


  1. They do look good in their regimented rows.

    LOVE the idea from your last post.


  2. Como você, eu também me preocupo em demasia com o reaproveitamento de materiais. Acredito que reciclando materiais como o plástico realmente damos uma grande contribuição à Natureza.
    As dicas que encontro em seu blog são fantásticas.
    Também temos muitos animais resgatados. Amamos todos eles.
    Obrigada pelas idéias adoráveis.
    Natália Blanco, Brasil.
    Like you, I also worry too much with the reuse of materials. I believe that recycling materials such as plastic really give a great contribution to Nature.
    The tips I find in your blog are fantastic.
    We also have many rescued animals. We love them all.
    Thanks for the lovely ideas.
    Natalia Blanco, Brazil.

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