Sunday, 11 July 2010

What to tell the bees

I've left the privet hedge unclipped this year to enable it to flower,
the bees are enjoying it and I'm enjoying the sweet perfume though I do believe certain people in the nieghbourhood think it unkempt.

This is our Today's Flower post and it also gives me an excuse to post a favourite poem:

I have told the bees
He is gone from us;
I have given up gossamer prayers.
Carry roses, pacasandra, azaleas
The birch and dogwood to listen;
Send the song of his memories back to him.
He tends his garden
And remembers now,
Whispering his story on the wings of the bees.

~Julie Ferioli


  1. I so love bees. Have you ever read Oliver Postgate (bagpuss) autobiography? he talks about stroking bumble bees when they are sleepy, they are beautiful.
    Love the poem

  2. Good for you, I wish that a few more people would do that as well! Flighty xx


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