Saturday, 8 May 2010

Apple Blossom - Day Seven of a Week of Flowers

Our week of flowers started with plum blossom

so it seems somehow fitting to end it with the

apple blossom.

Thanks to all of you who have popped by to view,

with special thanks to Pom Pom for taking the time

and trouble to leave us so many encouraging comments.

Back next week with I don't know what -

but there is a nest outside the back door...


  1. I've really enjoyed catching up with your Week of Flowers - lovely blooms all - but the apple blossom has a special place in my heart - just lovely.

    Thanks for your recent comments at mine - so glad my rambings have stirred a few memories:-)

    Happy rest of the weekend.


  2. We popped in to a very small orchard over the BH weekend, and saw apple blossom just like this. So pretty. x


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