Sunday, 21 February 2010

Chickens need your help

The following message is from the Chicken Out team, please read it and act upon it to help prevent the suffering caused by battery farming chickens.

Help protect the 2012 battery cage ban!
The EU barren battery cage ban is under threat, and we need your help to lobby Defra to protect it.Barren battery cages present serious animal welfare problems and prevent hens from carrying out their natural behaviours, such as dust-bathing and perching. Yet, last week, Poland proposed a delay to the EU ban on conventional battery cages to 2017. This would allow Member States to continue keeping hens in these cages for a further five years.The EU Agricultural Council will address this proposal when they meet on 22 February and Jim Fitzpatrick MP, the Defra Minister responsible for animal welfare, will be present. We need him to vigorously oppose Poland’s suggestion and for the Council to reject it.Help us oppose the Polish government’s proposal. The EU Agricultural Council meets on 22 February so, if you’ve not already done so, please click here today to urge Jim Fitzpatrick to protect the ban.

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  1. It's terrible - I received an email from CWF the other day and have lobbied Defra. We take strides in the right direction in this country to be thwarthed by the EU at every turn. Different sensibilities entirely.



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