Thursday, 19 November 2009

Is Tesco really a 21century Scrooge?

The checkout lady at my local supermarket tells me that this morning staff were told that they could have Christmas overtime but not for pay. Time off in lieu could be taken after Christmas.

I think she felt a little downhearted, as she said she works for money not time off.

Is this the way Tesco reached their record breaking £3.1bn profit - the highest on record for a British retailer earlier this year?

Will chief executive Mr Terrence Leahy be getting visits from the ghosts ofChristmas Past, Chrismas Present and Christmas Future because let's face it Tesco employee's aren't looking forward to a very Happy Christmas this year. But Ho Ho Ho they can have time off next year - but no extra money to go anywhere or do anything with during that time off.

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  1. Yes they really are, although of course they would deny it vehemently! Flighty xx


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