Monday, 5 October 2009


"We need to grow our own food.
It's the most rational, practical response to the situation we're in now -
our food system is in as fragile a state as our financial one."

Monty Don in an interview for the Telegraph Magazine


  1. I love growing my own food. I'm not successful at growing everything, but it's certainly good fun trying.

  2. The problem of the vast amount of food that is wasted needs to addressed as well! xx

  3. It's still sunny and warm here! I'd like to grow my own food...but I live in the city centre and my gaden is too small!
    A nice day for you!

  4. Hmm - good advice. We grow a lot of summer food but tend to rely on the shops over the winter. We are trying to think about what we can do about that this year!

    Thanks very much for your comment on my Advent anticipation post. Strangely, our boys don't complain about the decorations not going up until the 24th, partly because they are having so much Advent fun, and partly, perhaps, because we do let them put up their own handmade decorations (snowflakes on their bedroom window, for example) in advance.

    I LOVE the photos on your post below, and am proud to tell you that we have planter boots in the garden and vintage bottles with autumn berries in the house, so everything looks gratifyingly familiar. Allow me a brief smug moment - I get so few of them!


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